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Dvorak Speaks His Mind on Pierogi

When pierogi was mentioned, Dvorak spoke his mind on the Eastern European dumplings and thinks they suck and are overrated. It’s a dumpling – no big deal! [1287: 2:47]

Costco Dumps Palmetto Cheese Amid Controversy

Oh no! Looks like Palmetto cheese got the Noodle Gun and has been cancelled! Costco has removed the from their shelves to support the boycott and to prevent themselves from being boycotted.

Mad Greens

Adam really likes the format at Mad Greens (and Flower Child) where you wait in a line, and order a salad, grain bowl or wrap from the counter ‘lunch lady’. Adam just enjoyed a salad there with Sir Gene.  While talking to the counter server, he was told they were short on help as it’s


Adam and Tina-the-Keeper visited Chicago this week and and were stymied in their attempts to get into a JCD recommended restaurant. They ended up at Beatrix where Adam sampled some Wagu beef. [1063 :07]

Replica Wine

Can famous vintage wines be duplicated? Dvorak played a clip of a news report about Replica Wine – a company that claims they can copy distinctive wines in the laboratory. At first Dvorak thought they were onto something, but then realized it was a marketing scam. The wines seemed to duplicate run-of-the mill wines you’d find

Autumn Flush Darjeeling Tea

At the beginning of show 1018, Dvorak reported it’s pouring rain and he’s pouring tea! More precisely he’s drinking hard to find, single source autumn flush darjeeling. Read more about this outstanding product here: Of course we sourced some from Amazon:   [1018 :01]  


“Oxytocin promotes pro-social behavior”, “grooviest hormone on earth!” says an expert. John Dvorak described it, “Idea is you take a little nasal inhalant, you meetup with someone and you fall in love – at least your amenable, or at least you can put up with each other” Get it on Amazon! [931 :19]    

Arab Chicken

Dvorak is trying to remember the name of a chain of chicken restaurants in Saudi Arabia. Supposedly, even critics of the Kingdom rave about this chicken. Jokingly, Adam asked if it was called Hermanos Pollos in reference to the infamous chicken joint in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. We looked around and discovered Al Baik is

Bilbao, Spain

Time for another Dvorak Food & Travel Tip! This time in Spain: You want to go the eat the food in Bilbao, they have some of the greatest restaurants in the world – in that area, San Sebastián to be honest about it; then you leave there and go down to Rioja which is a

Hankook Supermarket: Korean Energy Drinks

John Dvorak recommends checking out the crazy Korean energy drink available at Hankook market in Menlo Park (or Redwood City) in the San Francisco Bay Peninsula. FACT CHECK!  We discovered Hankook is really 20 miles down the road in Sunnyvale. According to Dvorak, these Korean energy drinks are not like the ones we have domestically, loaded with taurine,

Noodles & Company Closes Austin Restaurants

Oh no! Noodles and Company has shuttered some Austin area restaurants! Adam Curry thinks this restaurant must’ve been ground zero of the social justice movement thanks to Noodle Boy (No Agenda clip favorite) working there. Good luck for the rest of the workers in finding for new jobs. [NA 907 1:17]

Breakstone’s Cottage Cheese

While Adam was discussing a story on how the retail bubble has imploded leading to malls closing,  Dvorak was offered the explanation that Millenials like to buy offbeat, small batch products that cost twice as much ordinary products and not at a mall. Adam offered up that he and Tina eat Breakstone’s Cottage Cheese which “is fantastic!” Adam added that many

Pulled Pork

Dvorak loves making Pulled Pork which is a slow cooked pork that was perfected in the South (Georgia, Florida, Alabama). According to Dvorak, you start with a pork butt (shoulder cut) which is usually not that edible until you slow cook it for 12-14 hours. Adam categorized it as another depression/poverty food! John says he finishes it in the

Lanesplitter Pizza

Adam is trying to dissect the #pizzagate controversy. For the most part it’s bullcrap. Adam’s analysis is that there are no real victims per se, but it’s purpose is to license journalists, bloggers and podcasters. Funnyman, John C. Dvorak thought many pizza places have interesting names that have suggestive codewords like Oakland’s own, Lanesplitter Pizza. This place

Clear Lungs

Oh no, Adam’s got lung crud but he’s getting relief from a remedy called Clear Lungs. Get some at Amazon [NA 876 2:56]


  Adam reports that there’s a big crisis at the big UK grocer, Tesco, where you can get everything from groceries to car insurance. Unilever, the manufacturer of Marmite, wants to raise the price due to the de-evaluation of the Pound due to Brexit.  According to Adam half the Brits either like or hate the product,

2012 Oakville Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon

During NA 835, while John was announcing that Jennifer Tench from Oakville made a donation, it reminded him that he just had a bottle of 2012 Robert Mondavi Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon. John reported it was very good, and a little expensive at $35. He further reported, a good cabernet flavor and astonishingly, added some water because


While discussing brash conservative and Adam’s ‘favorite gay’, Milo Yiannopoulos, Dvorak remembered that Milo is a name of a sorghum based beverage from Nestle. [828 2:53]  

Sausage Recall

Near the end of No Agenda #789, John played a story about a large sausage recall in San Jose, California. I looked up the story and discovered it was Sunnyvale based, New York Sasuage Company, which is the largest producer of Italian sausage in Northern California. Problem is, the sausage, Ernesto’s Pork Sausage is fine,

Star Wars Kraft Macaroni & Cheese

“Now they’ve combined Star Wars with more Slave material” announced Adam Curry. How can be people be still jacked up over a 30 year old movie? Introducing Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinner – Star Wars Shapes. Advertised as a collectors item you don’t actually eat, just like the Star Wars toys you still keep in