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Lexus SC400

During the donations segment of  episode 810, Sir William Durkin of Greenville South Carolina, requested some Longevity Lexus Karma. John talked about his own 1993 Lexus SC400 and exclaimed “it’s built like a truck!”  It needs No Longevity Karma. It runs forever! John currently has 150k on it. Some other owners have said they have 350k on

Hey Alexa!

Adam is now extolling the virtues of his Amazon Echo consumption gadget. It’s a gizmo you setup in your home and you speak commands to it to play music, answer a question and most importantly, BUY STUFF FROM AMAZON! All you have to do is wake it up by saying it’s name, Alexa, get me some more

Self Balancing Scooter

While Adam was at the big Vape trade show, one of the Chinese suppliers brought a bunch of these two wheels self-balancing scooters. These are starting to take off as I’ve seen them ridden by techies in downtown SF. Very similar to a miniature Segway (maybe patent expired?). It was hilarious to witness a millennial with

Big mention of No Agenda Art Generator during NA 747. Nick the Rat predicted the connection between Donald Trump and N. Korea. is a fun site to visit to see all the NA artwork submitted by show producers. Even the rejected art is golden! “Outstanding website!”

San Francisco Giant Voice System

Adam and John remembered hearing San Francisco’s air-raid like test signal every Tuesday at noon from the SF Mevio office on 2nd Street. Officially named the San Francisco Outdoor Warning System – consists of a network of klaxon like sirens and public address speakers mounted on towers spread out over the city of San Francisco. A

Silk Road

Adam is discussing how you can now buy illegal drugs on the internet using Silk Road. Dvorak criticized the rigamorle of using the derive (TOR brower, BitCoins etc.). Adam said it was easier than going to a doctor and dealing with insurance. The product gets delivered right to your front door. has a good

War on Adobe

Adam Curry has declared War on Adobe and claims it's the most evil company on the planet! In NA 521 he reveals how Adobe, along with it's Omniture advertising platform, mines internet traffic data, not only for advertisers but for government agencies.

Laurie Frick

Laurie Frick is an Austin based artist that uses data patterns as inspiration for her 2D and 3D works. Adam mentioned her while he was describing his recent meetup at Austin's Halcyon restaurant.

Giant Voice System

Alert! Alert! LISTEN UP SLAVES! Stay calm and follow the orders of the Giant Voice System! [NA 498]


Adam was discussing an Al Qaida memo on how to evade US drone attacks in NA 490. Though the US media trivialized some of the silly tips in the memo, Adam said that in reality the top of the list was...


Adam invented a new software defined radio gadget called the PrepperSDR. During NA 494 he announced he's completed a demo unit comprised of a black box that you screw an antenna into and a power supply, then connect it to your computer system via wifi or the internet.

If You Start a Fire (Be Prepared to Burn)

During the NA 436 donation segment, a producer asked for Smash Hit, Off Broadway Play Karma for his new play about to debut titled, "If You Start a Fire (be Prepared to Burn)" scheduled to open on Sept. 14th in NYC.


During NA 425's encapsulation of the 200.5 episode, Adam was asked what iPad/iPhone app he used for his jingle sound bank. Adam replied he uses iSoundByte with the iPhone controller running from his iPad.

Samsung Galaxy Note

Adam just bought the Galaxy Note. He was using the Nexus Google phone which he liked, but it was becoming too slow. Adam says the Galaxy Note is Outstanding (so does Leo LaPorte).

No Agenda News App

Adam is excited about this new iOS app that is a news reader for feeds from No Agenda Show and No Agenda News Network.

The Judge

During NA 397, Adam talked about shooting off guns and this little monster known as The Judge! It's a handgun that shoots shotgun shells.


Adam is a having a blast trapping the annoying the gnats that disturb him while he does the No Agenda podcast.

The Wine Down podcast

During this wine show, the topic was Rothschild’s new vintage which led to one of the hosts mentioning the Rothschild’s connection to the Federal Reserve, No Agenda, and  In The Morning in Chinese!

Get a Slide Whistle!

Adam wanted to get a cool slide whistle like the one used by John C. Dvorak, so he ordered a snazzy metal slide whistle on Amazon.

Hot Pockets 2009?

Adam and Mickey are thinking of hitting the road again. Of course, they’ll need an RV, so if you can loan them one – send’em a note! They’re starting to think of locations to visit in the beautiful US of A, where they can camp out and meet No Agenda listeners. [NA 394]