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Brand Safe

Every now and then, we deviate from posting about No Agenda’s TV Shows, Movies and food news to feature a great No Agenda discussion. This time Adam presented a terrific talk on his theory why media companies like YouTube and Twitter de-platform creators – not necessarily because of their conservative or far-right views, but for

Shoutout for No Agenda Entertainment

During show #1063, Adam and John were talking about the newsletter and how that platform, run by MailChimp, could turned off on a whim. This would then necessitate moving to a different email solution. This got Adam thinking of all the wonderful platforms, apps and projects run by No Agenda Producers which extend the show.

Jordan Peterson – 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

According to Adam, Jordan Peterson, is a professor that has big mouth! Peterson now has a book out and Adam wishes John would do an interview with him. Currently a lot of attention has been give to Peterson’s interview by Channel 4 (UK) SJW reporter, Kathy Newman. She constantly tries to re-characterize or misstate what

Train Museum Meetup Details

During NA 953, John Dvorak disclosed the details of the big meetup at Sacramento’s California State Railroad Museum. Meetup at the train museum on Saturday, August 12th. John will be taking the California Zephyr at 9:10am from  Emeryville stations and will arrive around 11:00 am. Then there’s space for 20 people to ride in a

Diamond and Silk

Diamond and Silk are two fast talking video blogging ladies. Adam likes playing their clips like this recent one. They were pro-Trump early in the primaries and have been featured on many MSM interviews. Their delivery reminds me of SF Bay Area cartoon host legends, Charlie & Humphrey!

All Aboard! Meetup at the California Train Museum

****UPDATE*** Date of meetup changed to Saturday, August 12. More details to follow when Dvorak posts them. **************** Trains Good, Planes Bad… For many years, John C. Dvorak has been threatening to host a meetup at Sacramento’s California State Railroad Museum. This has gone unfulfilled for song long (like his vinegar book idea) that we


“Oxytocin promotes pro-social behavior”, “grooviest hormone on earth!” says an expert. John Dvorak described it, “Idea is you take a little nasal inhalant, you meetup with someone and you fall in love – at least your amenable, or at least you can put up with each other” Get it on Amazon! [931 :19]    

No Agenda News Hottie: Helena Humphrey

You can now add Deutsche Welle’s Helena Humphrey to the pantheon of favorite No Agenda News presenters. During episode 913 Dvorak played a clip and he remarked at the beautiful German Helena with goth style makeup on Deutsche Welle. In one clip he remarked about her butt. After going through the website we figured out he

Santa Clarita Diet

Adam recommends Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix. He joked that it features Drew Barrymore as a cannibal zombie. [NA 911 2:51]

No Agenda Ringtones and Sound Clips

Show Producer, Phoneboy has put together a great collection of soundboard, jingles audio clips from the No Agenda show. They’re in .Mp3 and M4r (iPhone). Now imagine, every time a friend texts you douchebag… gets played! Get them here:    

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Over the Christmas holiday, Dvorak and family went to an early 9am showing of the new Star Wars film, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.  A special treat is that the film is being presented at the historical El Capitan theater which is also owned by Disney. The El Capitan theater has an immersive experience with ‘Star troopers’

Dvorak Meetup in Los Angeles

If you’re in the Los Angeles area on Monday, December 26th, head on down to Citizen – Beverly Hills where  No Agenda co-host John C. Dvorak will be meeting up with show No Agenda producers. John reminded folks that if they wanted to make a donation, the protocol is to put it in an envelope with

Leo Laporte Claims John C. Dvorak Threatened Him

Leo just keeps it going and going and going! According to, Leo claims John Dvorak called him and claimed “I have stuff on Leo!” This and more drama is happening over at which follows the travails of Leo Laporte and his TWiT podcasting empire. From the story: After another boring episode of self-loathing and pretending

Paper Mate InkJoy Pens

Dvorak loves these pens and he’ll compare them to any other pen out there! The Paper Mate InkJoy comes in many colors and is smooth as butter! The topic was revisited again during NA 885, when Adam said he still prefers his Pilot Precise V7 RT’s. John said he favorite pen of all time is

Track Clinton’s Plane

According to an anonymous show producer,  Hilary Clinton’s campaign plane can be tracked with commonly available flight tracking software like FlightRadar24 or FlightAware. The call sign (not tail #) of her rented plane from Xtra Airlines is CXP881. With the mentioned software you can see the Cough Express as it flys from destination to destination.   [858 1:15]

No Agenda 2016

Sir Ramsay Caine is now posting a compilations of just the 2016 election items edited from the No Agenda podcast on He just posted episode #70, which No Agenda listeners can find useful for mouth hitting! Dvorak calls them Thematic CDs. [858 1:14]

New SF Meetup Announced

Nikolas of Eristavi Winery has announced a second SF Meetup to happen on May 14, 2016 at 2PM. This is the same location as the first meetup back in March and generously hosted by Nikolas of Eristavi Winery. Great wine and fun talk with other No Agenda producers! RSVP and Meetup info: Eristavi Winery 1300 Potrero Ave, San

NYC Meetup with John Dvorak

John C. Dvorak just announced a meet up at Spark’s steak house in New York City on Tuesday, April 5th (his birthday). John should be finishing up dinner and available for the meet up e bar after 8PM. Lucky for you in the NYC area, as this is John’s first meet up in the USA. Spark’s

Leo Laporte Slams John C. Dvorak as a Tech Reporter

  Sorry, video no longer available on YouTube. Leo can’t keep to himself his true feelings about former TWiT panelist, John C. Dvorak. This time stating, he “used to be a very well-respected tech writer”. He also puts down Adam Curry and the No Agenda podcast as a conspiracy show full of ‘black helicopters’. More

ITM Over Texas

Adam just painted ITM over the Texas sky. Using preplanned set of coordinates, his fight was tracked with popular flight tracking apps like or FlightAware over Texas. I discovered if you enter the track call sign as ‘K5ACC’ and set the time parameter to the last 48 hours you can get the whole flight tracked.