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Virginia Meetup

Sunday, August 12, noon at Lyon Hall in Arlington, VA. (time has been recently updated to noon!) 3100 Washington Blvd, Arlington, VA From the info: Calling all producers in DC/MD/VA for a No Agenda Show Meetup at Noon, in the bar. The one event in DC you can guarantee isn’t being planned by the

Seattle Meetup

A meetup is planned for the Seattle area and John C. Dvorak will be there! Fresh off his 30th wedding anniversary celebration, JCD will grace the slaves of the Gitmo Northwest at Seattle’s Von’s 1000Spirits.  Maybe he’ll give you an autograph with his silver Sharpie! Von’s 1000Spirits 1225 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98101 August 10,

Ippudo Ramen

While discussing Adam’s dining exerpience at Austin’s Kemuri Tatsu-ya. Dvorak brought up that a famous Japanese Ramen shop opened up in Berkeley. It’s called Ippudo and is a chain in Japan. Dvorak think a restaurant concept would be Ramen & Bugs! [1037 :09] Yelp review Ippudo 2015 Shattuck Ave Berkeley, CA 94704 (510) 666-8807

Kemuri Tatsu-ya

Adam had dinner with the ‘New York Banker’ who knows where all the hip and swanky new places are in Austin’s East Side. Adam described it as a bar with snacks called Kemuri Tasu-ya. He noticed they have several small dishes where you eat the whole fish as well as head-on prawn and octopus fritters.

Bilbao, Spain

Time for another Dvorak Food & Travel Tip! This time in Spain: You want to go the eat the food in Bilbao, they have some of the greatest restaurants in the world – in that area, San Sebastián to be honest about it; then you leave there and go down to Rioja which is a


Catching up on some old show mentions and can’t believe that we forgot to post this one! Corso is an Italian restaurant located near Berkeley’s Gourmet Grotto, that John Dvorak has mentioned several times on the show. He first mentioned it way back in NA 573 (12/12/2013) when he went there for a  wedding dinner

NYC Meetup with John Dvorak

John C. Dvorak just announced a meet up at Spark’s steak house in New York City on Tuesday, April 5th (his birthday). John should be finishing up dinner and available for the meet up e bar after 8PM. Lucky for you in the NYC area, as this is John’s first meet up in the USA. Spark’s

laV Restaurant & Wine Bar

Adam thinks the Austin economy is tanking because of the empty storefronts he sees and now laV Restaurant & Wine Bar has closed. It was renown for being run by women but lost its head chef last year. Adam further mused that he now has the best new concept for an Austin restaurant – Open Carry +

Morton’s The Steakhouse

John C. Dvorak reports that when the King of Jordan and his machine gun toting entourage are around San Francisco’s Union Square (usually when attending talks at the Commonwealth Club) they like to visit Morton’s – The Steakhouse. Classic leather booths with old school steakhouse charm, complete with tasty steaks and sides. Save room for the Mac’n

Seakor Polish Delicatessen and Sausage Factory

Dvorak opened NA 775 praising the top quality sauerkraut at San Francisco’s Seakor Polish Delicatessen. Dvorak said it’s made fresh on premises. We’re definitely going to check out Seakor soon! Seakor Polish Delicatessen and Sausage Factory Yelp review 5957 Geary Blvd [map] b/t 24th Ave & 23rd Ave San Francisco, CA 94121 (415) 387-8660 [NA 775 :01]

Buns N’ Roses

Want to eat breakfast inside a beautiful Quonset hut? Well Buns N’ Roses is for you! Adam just reported on this place while he was in Marfa, TX visiting the telescope. The restaurant, surprisingly features baked goods and roses. The restaurant is beautifully decorated with stained cement floors and corrugated metal features. Adam met Burt the


While Adam was in “super ritzy” Jackson, Wyoming, he stopped at a great restaurant called Bin22. It’s seems like you’re dining in a wine cellar where you sit at communal tables, pick out your wine and dine from small plates.

No Agenda Meetup in Michigan!

Meetup with other No Agenda producers  the evening of April 1st at Ashley’s Bar & Grill in Westland, Michigan.

County Line

  While John Dvorak was busy cooking dinner at home to celebrate his 26th wedding anniversary. Adam took Miss Micky out for BBQ brisket at Austin’s famous County Line restaurant. Adam claimed that Miss Micky was so hungry, she scarfed down an entire brisket.County Line 5204 Ranch Road 2222 [map] Austin, TX 78731 (512) 346-3664


Adam and Micky were treated to an evening out at Austin's upscale Trace restaurant by Sir Gene, Baron of Texas. It was a hot night so Adam finished the evening on their back porch by smoking a cigar along with some scotch and water. The next day his head was throbbing and the inside

The Louisiana Lagniappe

A show producer called out John Dvorak's previous grumblings that Louisiana Cajun cooking was disgusting. The producer further explained that his upscale cajun restaurant, The Louisiana Lagniappe helps him donate to the show.

Taco Bell

Dvorak is pissed that ABC Nightline just ran an entire puff piece segment on everyone’s favorite fast food restaurant, Taco Bell! John was aghast that the ABC’s so called news show revealed Taco Bell serves delicious food and loyal fan base. He surmised that this was payback for some previously run negative story since Taco

Nomad Dosa

While discussing the possibilites of opening a Curry/Dvorak Consulting food operation, Adam mentioned getting a dosa at an Austin food truck. He further described a dosa as mattress foam bread filled with goop, rice and chutney - all gluten free! Dvorak describes it as similar to a burrito, but make sure you get the dips

The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen

During NA 490 and a discussion on Mac' n Cheese, Dvorak said that the grilled cheese restaurant across the street from Mevio's is always packed where people are essentially eating "cheap depression food"! That restaurant is American Grilled Cheese Kitchen and it was the first restaurant to focus on grilled cheese in SF.


Adam mentioned this fantastic restaurant in NA 505. Located in Moorville, Indiana, Zydeco features Cajun cuisine with a fun kid's menu. The illustrated Super Fun Kids Menu features mac'n cheese sides and Cup o' Sugar (liquid in the form of fizzy pop).