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While discussing how Chris Hardwick’s past relationships with companies is now being erased (very Stalinist says John C!) Adam drew comparisons to the novel Black Mirror and the sci-fi novel Snowcrash. Snowcrash is the famous sci-fi novel that came out in the late 80s. Adam mentioned it because so much of it has become true!


Dvorak shared a clip featuring Sheryl Attkisson, a journalist that  was interviewed about her new book Smear on BookTV.  She disclosed that CBS shaped her stories and told you what the facts show and what the interviewees will say. She also claims to be hacked by our own govt. Get it at Amazon [NA 950 :35]

Gestalt Prime

Show producer, Ignacio Salome just self-published his novel, Gestalt Prime. John Dvorak was impressed with the quality of the production of the publican, its cover and content. He further recommended that show listeners should go to Amazon to buy it and then review it. Description: Pre-sync Earth is no more. All that remains now is a

Mein Kampf

Headline: Germany sees overwhelming sales of Mein Kampf! Mein Kampf is now being printed in Germany. Boom! It’s now a best seller, So, Adam picked up a copy. Adam explained that in one version, with the translation by the ADL, all offensive material has been taken out, but it’s the whole point of reading the book. Dvorak says,

The Myth of the Machine

Dvorak enthusiastically recommended No Agenda listeners to read any book authored by Lewis Mumford. He was prolific writer in the 1930’s–1950’s who often wrote about The Machine (technology) in a societal context. Dvorak said you can find a great copy in a used bookstore for a buck or two. Get Lewis Mumford books at Amazon.

The Camp of the Saints

Written in the 1970s, The Camp of the Saints was recommended by a show Producer who thought it was relevant in light of current mass immigration to Europe. Dvorak’s well read son, J.C. (Buzzkill Jr.)  also recommended it. From Amazon, “This book was written in 1973 and made available in an English translation in 1975, but

No Agenda Books Are Now Best Sellers!

Adam played were in a fractal by playing a clip that claimed that Amazon was sold out of long time No Agenda favorite, Orwell’s 1984. The connection was that Trump’s administration is leading people to get 1984 along with Sinclair Lewis’, It Can’t Happen Here. Long time No Agenda Book selections are now ‘currently sold

Blind Man’s Bluff: The Untold Story Of American Submarine Espionage

In recent news, an American sea drone was recently captured by the Chinese. To help deconstruct this story, Adam mentioned that he was contacted by a show Producer who also happens to be a submariner in the US Navy. Adam passed along that he gave him some insight on the espionage going at sea. This drone was probably one that taps into telecommunication

Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How

After Dvorak mentioned the ‘hair-raising book’ Technological Society by Jacques Ullul, Adam ran and grabbed his copy of Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How by one of his favorite authors, Theodore John Kaczynski. Adam quoted. “This book is not a book to read, it is a book to be studied with the same care one would use to study a book

The Technological Society

While discussing the World Trade Organization and technocrats running the globalist agenda, Dvorak mentioned The Technological Society by Jacques Ellul  – this book was previously mentioned during NA 356 back in 2011, Get it at Amazon.

The Great American Shoe Throwing

No Agenda producer and prolific author, Scott McKenzie has come up with another gem, The Great American Shoe Throwing, which available for only .99 (Free with Kindle signup) from Amazon! McKenzie became well known to No Agenda fans when he released One Day in Gitmo Nation, Gitmo Nation Christmas Carol. Check out his other books on Amazon. [NA

Barbarians at the Gate

During a discussion on examples of leverage buyouts, the drama movie (it’s also a book) Barbarians at the Gate was mentioned. [NA 852 :43]

Pimp by Iceberg Slim

John called, “Pimp” by Iceberg Slim. “A must read!” for all No Agenda listeners. Get it at Amazon [819 2:39]  

The Assassination Complex

Adam played a clip of an interview with Jeremy Scahill the author of The Assassination Complex. This book covers the ‘kill chain’ that leads to an assassination via the United States government’s secret drone warfare program.. Amusing was the reveal of BBC’s or baseball cards of assassination targets. Also covered was how different government officials

National Survey of State Laws

Producer and Knight Sir Richard Leiter, has sent out copies of his new book, National Survey of State Laws, 7th Edition to Adam and John. Adam declared it a “Great reference!” This book helps you understand state laws and how they differ from state to state. Looks like the 6th edition is currently available 7th edition coming soon to Amazon.

The Power of Myth

While talking about the latest Star Wars hype, Adam mentioned that he was reading the The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell & Bill Moyers. Adam revealed that the Power of Myth influenced George Lucas to create the Force in his Star Wars movies.  Adam and John then pondered how Star Wars, made in 1977 could have been

Tomorrow’s Battlefield: U.S. Proxy Wars and Secret Ops in Africa

Tomorrow’s Battlefield: U.S. Proxy Wars and Secret Ops in Africa by Nick Turse [NA 776 :07]

Professor James Pennebaker and The Secret Life of Pronouns

Looks like another episode of Dinner with the O-Bots! Adam went to another O-Bot dinner in Austin. This time his friend Professor James Pennebaker was in attendance. You might remember he is the author of the interesting book, The Secret Life of Pronouns: What Our Words Say About Us. Through this book, No Agenda listeners have

The Population Bomb

John Dvorak’s got a big pet peeve about the fear mongers and doomsayers like the Club of Rome and author Paul Ehrlich’s The Population Bomb. Dvorak accused Ehrlich of scaring the public with The Population Bomb and other ‘bomb’ named books to unnecessarily scare the population. The Population Bomb first published in 1968, according to

Anti-Tech Revolution – Why and How

Adam’s friend named Ted has a new book! Theodore Kaczyinski, infamously known as the  Unabomber) is publishing new writings. Supposedly coming out in the next few months “Anti-tech Revolution – Why and How” Adam has provisional contents listing here.