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How Cummings Used Data to Win BREXIT

Comic Strip Blogger sent Adam a link to a video of Dominic Cummings explaining at a marketing conference how they won the BREXIT referendum. Adam describes Cummings as the is the Brad Parscale (ran Trump’s digital media) of BREXIT. Cummings ran the ‘Vote Leave’ campaign and facebook campaigns. Adam likes this stuff because it’s very

Matt & RT Hottie Show

Intrepid AP reporter Matt Lee and RT Hottie, Gayane Chichakyan spar with State Department Spokeshole, Kirby and make him fumble through his playbook. Adam likes seeing Nhichakyan on RT’s morning news!  

San Berdoo Sunburn – Eagles of Death Metal

Adam pondered if The Eagles Death Metal’s song San Berdoo Sunburn might predict future shooting sights. Mentioned in the song are Carolina; Amarillo, TX; Dallas, TX and the Tennessee state border.   [NA 778]

Possible TWA Flight 800 Missile Video

I first saw this on the No Agenda Show Fans Facebook page and have posted it here. -ed Source of this Video From Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak from the No Agenda Show received this video from one of their producers named Brian. It has not been widely seen according to Brian so we wanted

The Great Replacement

With Open Gates: The Forced Collective Suicide of European Nations Startling mini-documentary about the mass migration of muslims into the Eurozone. US creates the wars, we get the refugees.

Food Stamp Glitch!

An unexpected glitch led to a big mess for these Clayton County, Georgia food stamp recipients!  One resident was outraged when her foods stamps that she uses to feed her six children was suddenly cut off.  “What was the glitch that led to this mess?” asks the reporter. Dvorak thought this was a racist report

Total Rubblization

Russia is now all IN on the Rubblization Game! They even have their own versions of Halliburton getting in line to get some sweet contract deals. Poor Syria. This video is comprised of Russian drone footage of Assad’s advance into the wasted crapscape that was once Syria. Soundtrack by the Crystal Method.

Reporter Talks Snowden & Gets Edward Scissorhands

Yasmin Vossoughian interviews comedian Jon Hendren on The Daily Share on US TV network HLN to talk about Edward Snowden’s new Twitter account. Instead, he slips in Edward Scissorhands (yup, the fictional character) in the discussion instead. Vossoughian appears “completely oblivious” according to Dvorak. Adam declared that the interviewer looked like a “classic Illuminatti insert

Rihanna – Bitch Better Have My Money

John and Adam were joking about this song in the pre-show of today’s (10/4//15).

Trace Amounts

Mentioned on NA 717 in discussing Robert Kennedy Jr.’s speaking out on removing mercury from vaccines.


Dvorak recommended the David Lynch classic film, Eraserhead during NA 597.

Vintage Pepsi Ad

In the 60's, a 16oz soda was intended to serve three people, three big servings of 5 1/3 oz. each! I included this ad as it was used when Adam played a clip from The Morning Stream podcast which tried to school Adam on the proper use of a soundboard.

Bye Bye, Bad Dog Breath

John Dvorak shared this mortifying clip about bad dog breath in NA 502.

Rappin’ Jihadi

Two new terrorists have been added to the Rewards for Justice program. The two men are Omar Shafik Hammami, formerly of Alabama, and Jehad Serwan Mostafa, formerly of California. The state deparartment claims they are part of the radical Islamist al-Shabab militia in Somalia.

Introducing PrepperSDR

Black Dick

Humorous find from John C. Dvorak. Shared during NA 475. The clip is from the cartoon Liberty Kids.

Cruise “Shits” Controversy!

Al Jazeera blooper of mispronouncing “cruise ships” as “cruise shits” during a news story about the impact of cruise ships on the historic city of Venice. Very funny!” />

Leo LaPorte Bans Adam Curry!

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The Program – Stellar Wind

Documentary featuring NSA whistleblower William Binney. Covers NSA's project Stellar Wind - a project that domestically spys on Americans with advanced programs.