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Brand Safe

Every now and then, we deviate from posting about No Agenda’s TV Shows, Movies and food news to feature a great No Agenda discussion. This time Adam presented a terrific talk on his theory why media companies like YouTube and Twitter de-platform creators – not necessarily because of their conservative or far-right views, but for

Virginia Meetup

Sunday, August 12, noon at Lyon Hall in Arlington, VA. (time has been recently updated to noon!) 3100 Washington Blvd, Arlington, VA From the Meetup.com info: Calling all producers in DC/MD/VA for a No Agenda Show Meetup at Noon, in the bar. The one event in DC you can guarantee isn’t being planned by the

Seattle Meetup

A meetup is planned for the Seattle area and John C. Dvorak will be there! Fresh off his 30th wedding anniversary celebration, JCD will grace the slaves of the Gitmo Northwest at Seattle’s Von’s 1000Spirits.  Maybe he’ll give you an autograph with his silver Sharpie! Von’s 1000Spirits 1225 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98101 August 10,

Track Clinton’s Plane

According to an anonymous show producer,  Hilary Clinton’s campaign plane can be tracked with commonly available flight tracking software like FlightRadar24 or FlightAware. The call sign (not tail #) of her rented plane from Xtra Airlines is CXP881. With the mentioned software you can see the Cough Express as it flys from destination to destination.   [858 1:15]

Mary’s Transdermal Patches

Dvorak reported that his wife likes using Mary’s CBD products for her arthritis. They are having good luck with Mary’s Transdermal Patches as well as the topical cream (which doesn’t stink!). Mary’s is a Colorado based medical Cannabis company that makes recreational as well as medical cannabis products. [851 :06]

Trace Amounts

Mentioned on NA 717 in discussing Robert Kennedy Jr.’s speaking out on removing mercury from vaccines.

Adam Curry Speaks at SXSW

March 9th Dell Hall at 12:30 PM. Adam discusses Value for Value (Just getting by in New Media) at the SXSW Interactive  Festival in Austin, Texas.      

Follow the Hot Pockets 2009 Tour

Micky posted a map of the planned Hot Pockets 2009 Tour.

Congrats Adam & Micky!

Today is Adam and Micky’s wedding day. Much happiness to the both of you!

Hot Pockets 2009!

Hot Pockets 2009 is in the early planning stages! The most important consideration is getting a trailer to camp and produce the show in.

Follow the Hot Pockets 2008 Tour!

Next stop Boston! Follow the tour and see where Adam and Mickey are taking the Four Winds "Dutchess" across America!

Hot Pockets Tour 2008

Will the tour come by your house? Vote for your favorite locations at this cool website, NoAgendaTour.com


Adam's been munching on these tasty Dutch, mini waffle cookies. Consisting of two, thin mini waffle layers sandwiching either a caramel or molasses-like spread.

Top Movies of No Agenda

Adam and John tried to list a bunch of 'required viewing' videos for fans of the No Agenda show. Some we've covered before, but here they are!


What's a Doug?

Challenge Coins

Play the Challenge! Get your Challenge Coins before they're all gone!

Chemtrails over the Crackpot Command Center

Adam's got a sore throat and he think's it caused by the Chemtrails that he sees above his Hilltop Watchtower in the Hollywood Hills.

Global Warming Kit!

The 'Science is In' with Thames & Kosmos Global Warming kit!

Adam on Adam Carolla

Adam appeared on the Adam Carolla podcast on Wednesday, August 10th.

Live from Bonaire!

Adam and Micky are vacationing on the beautiful island of Bonaire in the Dutch Antilles.