Places Archive

Poulsbo, WA

In NA 805, John Dvorak mentioned the little town of Poulsbo in Washington state. “You got to drive through the little downtown – it’s Fantastic!” He described it as a replica of a Norwegian town. We’re wondering if it’s comparable to Solvang, California; a little town which has the trappings of a Danish town.

Golden State Warriors

In the beginning of No Agenda 808, John Dvorak enthusiastically described how he went down the road and finally attended a home game of the Golden State Warriors basketball team. The Warriors are currently NBA World Champions and feature phenom, Stephen Curry who shoots long distance 3 pointers from all over the court. Dvorak was

Mechanics Bank

Back when Adam relocated from the UK to San Francisco, he took Dvorak's advice and got an account at Richmond (East Bay) based Mechanics Bank. Not exhibiting the bad behavior of the major banks, Mechanics Bank had such good service that Adam kept using them even after he left San Francisco.


While Adam was discussing his trip to Marfa (the art capital of Texas) with Micky to visit their favorite O-Bot artist - Laurie Frick's latest show. He added and that native Texans rarely ever go there. Dvorak compared it to how many San Francisco Bay Area residents never go to Alcatrazz.

Korean Markets

While discussing, the new site that uploads CD ISO images of the No Agenda show that you can download and burn yourself, Dvorak mentioned a Korean market in Redwood City that puts stacks of free CDs by the newsracks.

John Steuart Curry Murals

While in Topeka Kansas, Adam and Micky visited the famous murals in the state capital painted by Adam’s great uncle John Steuart Curry. The most famous of the murals features abolitionist John Brown.

Los Angeles Metro

On Adam and Micky’s recent visit to Los Angeles, they got around via the Los Angeles Metro. Adam was impressed the Metro as they travelled between Santa Monica, Koreatown and N. Hollywood.

Club 33

During donation acknowledgements in NA 401, Disneyland's Club 33 was mentioned. Dvorak claimed he's even been inside the exclusive location.

Calgary Stampede

During NA 373 Adam brought up how he is a big fan of the Calgary Stampede. The annual event is a big rodeo in Calgary, Alberta.

Ghost Towns of China

During No Agenda #268, John Dvorak mentioned the Ghost Towns of China. These are newly built communities that aren't occupied by anyone and appear abandoned.

Soho House West Hollywood

Adam was invited to dinner at the exclusive private club, Soho House.

Live from Bonaire!

Adam and Micky are vacationing on the beautiful island of Bonaire in the Dutch Antilles.

Bon Voyage Adam!

Adam is taking the week off and heading to the Dutch Antilles with his girlfriend Micky. He didn't disclose which island he is headed, but we wonder if he is going to St. Maarten with its infamous airport.

Pothole Ridden Emeryville Exit

A John C. Dvorak Pet Peeve of the Day feature!

Los Altos Rod and Gun Club

Dvorak shoots rare and exotic guns here.

Tower of Death!

It's officially known as One Rincon Hill and it was mentioned during Episode #3 of No Agenda while it was still under construction.

Hotel del Coronado

Adam and Micky came here on a weekend getaway in June 2010. The Hotel del Coronado is a famous, picturesque hotel/resort located near San Diego, California. You might recognize it from the Marilyn Monroe movie, "Some Like It Hot".

Silicon Valley – North (Albany California)

Albany, California - usually referenced as "Silicon Valley North", is Dvorak's home when he's not up in Port Angeles, WA.