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Shoutout for No Agenda Entertainment

During show #1063, Adam and John were talking about the newsletter and how that platform, run by MailChimp, could turned off on a whim. This would then necessitate moving to a different email solution. This got Adam thinking of all the wonderful platforms, apps and projects run by No Agenda Producers which extend the show.

No Agenda Jingles

During NA 775, Adam mentioned the No Agenda Jingles app available for Apple iOS devices. It’s a fun app that plays jingles and sound effects from the No Agenda podcast. NA Jingles contains over 100 jingles from the No Agenda Podcast. NA Jingles enables you to play No Agenda Jingles individually or create playlists that

Amber to the Main Stage…

Dvorak did his stripper bit – this time at Club E-Coli! Those were the good old days before his club ‘burned’ down back in NA 648. Leo Laporte gave a great show from the main stage!

Oh What a Feeling! – ISIS Jumps for Toyota

Toyota is the truck that Jihadists choose!

Mikulski is a Moron!

Dvorak described Senator Mikulski as "even dumber than Feinstein!". Adam Curry declared her a moron and should step down immediately as she seems to have no idea of how the internet works.

I’d Like Teach the World to Sing

During NA 516, Adam started singing, "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing". This song was written in 1971 for a Coca Cola ad. It became a popular hit after Coca Cola used it for its famous "Hilltop" ad which featured a global cast of singers holding bottles of Coke in different languages. is a Producer project that provides downloadable CD ISO images so you can burn CD compilations of the No Agenda show. During NA 503 Adam announced the disk titled Take the Red Pill is now available to download. What’s great about these images is that they compile great clips and moments from the show

Skunk Baxter

Who knew Doobie Brothers guitarist Skunk Baxter was a spook? Well, at least he's a paid consultant on matters of national security and is a promoter of missile defense.

They Might Be Giants

Adam thinks the new They Might Be Giants album is OUTSTANDING! [NA491 :34]


Controversy! German singer Heino is mounting a another comeback - Some call him the comeback king... Heino is a folky superstar that has controversial right wing views. [NA 490]

No Agenda CD

Adam's PR Mention: First Edition Compilation CD is ready at! You can download the actual CD ISO files so you can burn them to a disk. Also included is downloadable artwork you can paste onto your CD!

Pregnant Woman Shooting Targets

Appears that law enforcement agencies are ordering shooting targets depicting pregnant women and children! Is the government practicing shooting women and children or is it for Shoot-don’t-shoot training?  

Green Day

John Dvorak is fond of local East Bay rockers, Green Day and was happy to hear they will be hitting the road now that frontman, Billy Joe Armstrong is out of rehab. The boys are definitely “notched up”!

Sweet Caroline

During NA 440 Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline was mentioned as it is the recently cancelled Penn State song that used to be played by their marching band during their football games.

Trains Really Really Good!

From the Trains Good, Planes Bad dept. comes this hilarious clip that John C. Dvorak played during NA 432.

Thanks for the Mention!

During last Thursday's show (NA 297), John Dvorak brought up our website, and gave a nice description of it and declared it a "beautiful website!"

tech5 – September 13th, 2010

Nokia weirdness. People quitting over the new Microsoft CEO. Amazon goes after the iPad.

tech5 – August 24th, 2010

Samsung getting into Android Tablet biz. Dell starts selling Smartphone.

tech5 – August 18th, 2010

Dvorak is back from his two week hiatus and Michael Dell under attack from the shareholders.

Adam on Adam Carolla

Adam appeared on the Adam Carolla podcast on Wednesday, August 10th.