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Criminal Profiling

This book was mentioned in n NA 396, during a discussion on autism, its causes and the drugging of kids. John compared the way these autistic kids are defined reminded him of the book, Criminal Profiling...


According to Adam, DSM IV is the "manual for mental disease which the pharmaceutical industry uses to pay doctors to push crap on you, that you don't really need that will make you wig out!"

Enemies: A History of the FBI

During NA 399 Adam brought up Tim Weiner's (author of Legacy of Ashes) appearance on the Jon Stewart show.


Maphead is a book by Ken Jennings. While discussing pipelines and northern European geography, Adam blurted out Maphead as a “great book!”. [NA 395]

Enemies: A History of the F.B.I.

Adam is excited about reading the new book by Tim Weiner (Legacy of Ashes), about the FBI and J. Edgar Hoover. We're looking forward to Adam's book report!

It Can’t Happen Here

As Adam was complaining about overweight, waddling TSA agents - Dvorak brought up Sinclair Lewis' book, It Can't Happen Here which describes our current police state.

Tell To Win

During NA 387, Adam was explaining the douchey Facebook press event in NYC and how they were promoting it's new ad strategy of Ads as Stories. Dvorak chimed in that it is all based on Peter Guber's Tell to Win book which came out recently.

A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order

Get it at Amazon In the beginning of this morning’s show, Adam brought up A Century of War and how it relates to the current oil market that is “just one disaster” away from even higher prices.

The Obamas

Adam wants his $14.95 back from Amazon after reading, The Obamas! During NA #373, Curry played an interview of the book's author by Oprah's friend, Gayle, which Adam labels "off brand Oprah" and seems to have no real talent of her own.

The Technological Society

During NA 356's discussion on "technocrat" leaders in Europe, John Dvorak asked that The Technological Society be added to the No Agenda Book Club.

Among The Truthers

Adam recently (NA 349) interviewed Jonathan Kay of the National Post for his Big Book Show. Kay just came out with his book entitled Among The Truthers, “A journey through America’s growing conspiracist underground.”

Ghost Wars: The Secret History of the CIA

Ghost Wars: The Secret History of the CIA, Afghanistan, and bin Laden, from the Soviet Invasion to September 10, 2001. Authored by Steve Cole, who now heads the New American Foundation.

Unmentionable Cuisine

John C. Dvorak just recommended this book during this morning's No Agenda (NA 308). Dvorak shared that it contains recipes featuring rats and other vermin which people had to eat when times were tough.

The Farhud

During NA 286, John Dvorak mentioned a book by a friend of his, The Farhud by Edwin Black. Adam said they've played clips of him before.

Win: Dr. Frank I. Luntz

During NA 282, a clip was played featuring the author of Win, Dr. Frank Luntz.

The Grand Chessboard

Former National Security Advisor, Zbignew Brzezinski's lays out his blueprint for US and global foreign policy in this book. Currently he advises Obama and some of his family is even in the Obama administration.

Moonwalking with Einstein

During NA 285, Adam mentioned he was recently reading, "Moonwalking with Shakespeare". Ironically, the book is about memory and he remembered the title incorrectly!


Harmony is a new book by HRH The Prince of Wales. During NA #262, Adam was impressed with some of the ideas expressed by Prince Charles in the book.

Counter Terror Business Magazine

The Security Industrial Complex is here according to Adam!

One Day in Gitmo Nation

No Agenda Producer, Scott McKenzie has just released his new novel One Day in Gitmo Nation!