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In the Garden of the Beasts

Adam mentioned he started reading In the Garden of the Beasts in NA 516. Adam drew parallels between the authors descriptions of life in Hitler's Germany and how opposition is shouted down in present day America.

State of Fear

During NA 506, Adam read an excerpt from the Michael Crichton book State of Fear. Outstanding book! This book was first mentioned on NA 504 when John Dvorak played a Charlie Rose clip of him interviewing the book's author. Crichton expressed it was the worse experience of his life as he was shouted down for writing

The Free Press (1918)

Media assasination from the 1890s? An anonymous producer from New South Wales has reported a forerunner for the No Agenda show!

State of War

During a discussion on national security letters in NA 496, John Dvorak played several clips from a NSA whistleblower who was discussing the risks to political figures talking to the press and how the government covers up classified information.

Kill Decision: Kill Decision

Kill Decision is a techno-thriller novel by Daniel Suarez that centers around unmanned drones that seek out and kill human targets. Recommended by Adam Curry while he was discussing Japans's complaint about China locking a drone radar on one of their planes.

The Patriarch: The Remarkable Life and Turbulent Times of Joseph P. Kennedy

For an End of the Show clip, Dvorak played an interview of Professor David Nasaw explaining Joe Kennedy's decision to have his daughter Rosemary receive a lobotomy.

We Need to Talk About Kevin

In NA 471, Adam played a BBC interview with Lionel Shriver the author of We Need to Talk About Kevin.

End of Marvelous

In NA 467, Adam read a donation message from Andrew Jones which announced his new “trashy epic novel using memes to unite instead of divide us and as much NLP that a novice can muster” called the End of Marvelous.

Thinking Mom’s Revolution

During NA 467’s producer donation segment, a producer thanked Adam for the Karma and now his wife’s book, Thinking Mom’s Revolution was picked up and will be published next year. Look out for it!

War Is a Racket

During NA 462, John Dvorak mentioned Smedley Butler and his book, War Is a Racket. John didn't quite get the title right, instead calling it War is Bunk, then Adam started coming up with humorous variations like War is Bogative...

A Gitmo Nation Christmas Carol

No Agenda Show Producer Scott McKenzie has written another No Agenda inspired novel - this time, it's the holiday themed story, A Gitmo Nation Christmas Carol.

Frugal Gourmet

While discussing accused British pedophile and TV personality Jimmy Savile, John Dvorak mused about former PBS TV chef, pastor and cookbook author Jeff Smith, better known as the Frugal Gourmet in the 1990's.


While discussing the film Flowers of War, and the Japanese occupation of China, Dvorak recommended the book Bushido which said came out in the 1940's. There are many book with this title which translates to the Way of the Warrior

Das Kapital

John brought up the great writings of Marx and Lenin during episode #442. Das Kapital by Karl Marx, was written to explain Marxist theory and critique capitalism.

No Easy Day

No Easy Day is the controversial new book by a member of the US Navy's SEAL Team Six, which allegedly killed Osama Bin Laden during a raid of his Abbottabad compound.

Life and Death in Shanghai

During NA 440 Adam was discussing how he purchased Gordon Sinclair's It Can Happen Here from Amazon. Dvorak then recommended Life and Death In Shanghai for another story about life in a totalitarian state

John Dos Passos – U.S.A. Trilogy

Adam is surprised at the amount of flak he was receiving for his controversial moon landing theories. This led to a discussion on how everyone is expected to have certain beliefs or they'll be silenced. This in turn brought up a list of books, 1984, It Can Happen Here, then author John Dos Passos


John Dvorak briefly mentioned 1984 when he was discussing fascist, authoritarian societies where you have to have approved opinions.

Global Hawk: Endless Possibilities

Dvorak reported during NA 420, that a show Producer sent him info on Grumman's new comic book entitled Global Hawk: Endless Possiblities. Dvorak says the comic book tells a story about a douchebag looking dad with his kids at an air show.

The Amateur

During NA 413's discussion about Obama, drones and the "capture/kill mission" of Osama Bin Laden - Valerie Jarrett came up and the new book about her called Amateur...