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Pyramid Brewery & Alehouse

Oh no! One of the Dvorak's didn't have the right 'papers' to get a drink here!

tech5 – July 16th, 2010

iPhone 4 news dominating things because of the antenna. Free bumpers for everyone. The phone still has connection issues.

tech5 – July 12th, 2010

US Senator worried about doomsday and other stories!

tech5 – June 25, 2010

John thinks there is too much porn and if you see Jason Bateman - boo him.

Cranky Geeks 224

Did Dvorak get a new black jacket – to better blend into the black background? And Sarah Lacey, I haven’t seen her around for over a year. -ed Kinect to Porn!, China v. Silicon Valley 2.0, Tesla Goes Public, Google Voi Today’s Guests: Tim Bajarin, President, Creative Strategies Sarah Lacy, Author, Tech Journalist Dan Goodin,

Max Headroom Movie

This is the original 1985 Max Headroom movie created for Channel 4 in the UK. Dvorak mentioned this movie way back in No Agenda #4.

tech5 – June 21, 2010

Dvorak mentions the XBox Connect and worries that it's going to shake your house, "a most unpleasant product".

tech5 – June 18, 2010

tech5 - MSFT makes a comeback

Spicer’s Deli

Spicer's was John's famous deli that he would sometimes mention on No Agenda or his TWiT appearances.