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We Need to Talk About Kevin

In NA 471, Adam played a BBC interview with Lionel Shriver the author of We Need to Talk About Kevin.

A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order

Get it at Amazon In the beginning of this morning’s show, Adam brought up A Century of War and how it relates to the current oil market that is “just one disaster” away from even higher prices.

Among The Truthers

Adam recently (NA 349) interviewed Jonathan Kay of the National Post for his Big Book Show. Kay just came out with his book entitled Among The Truthers, “A journey through America’s growing conspiracist underground.”

The Farhud

During NA 286, John Dvorak mentioned a book by a friend of his, The Farhud by Edwin Black. Adam said they've played clips of him before.

Win: Dr. Frank I. Luntz

During NA 282, a clip was played featuring the author of Win, Dr. Frank Luntz.

Fahrenheit 451

Dvorak recommended this book during NA #249. In a discussion about actor Randy Quaid...