Restaurants Archive

Pyramid Brewery & Alehouse

Oh no! One of the Dvorak's didn't have the right 'papers' to get a drink here!

Anthony’s – SeaTac

While leaving Seattle, Dvorak stopped here for breakfast. His review during NA 38: Don't eat breakfast at Anthony's at the SeaTac airport! Uuuggh - horrible!

Le Club 55

During NA #38, Adam talked about how he and his wife were spending July 2008 hobnobbing around the South of France.


Adam and John's favorite lunch place in SF. It's a couple blocks west of the Mevio offices.


RN74 is a San Francisco restaurant that is owned by chef Michael Mina

Ben Cohen’s Shwarma – Amsterdam

Adam used to live in Gitmo Nation Low-lands, better known as Holland. One of his favorite places to get a late night snack is at Ben Cohen's Shwarma.

Cliveden House

Dining here earns the Living Large prize! During the Christmas holiday in 2007, Adam's family dined at London's super expensive, Cliveden House.


Located in San Francisco's Laurel Heights neighborhood. Adam dined here and was impressed even though he thought the portions were a little small.

NOLA Restaurant – New Orleans

Dvorak mentioned NOLA during episode NA #7. This New Orleans restaurant is owned by famous TV chef, Emeril Lagasse (the annoying BAM guy).

Nola Restaurant & Bar – Palo Alto

Adam came here for a Sequoia Capital hosted, 'Presidents and CEOs' dinner. Nola is a cajun/creole, New Orleans style restaurant.

La Petit Four

Adam described this place as the Eurotrash restaurant on Sunset Blvd during episode #210.


Buck's is a Silicon Valley institution where many a deal has been closed as well as many stomachs filled with hearty grub. Kitschy decor and memorabilia covers the walls and hangs from the ceilings.

Chez Spencer

An innovative French restaurant located between SF's Mission and SOMA districts.

No Agenda Dining!

Back in the early days of No Agenda, one of my favorite topics was when John and Adam would discuss their Bay Area dining experiences. John has a vast knowledge of food and wine - he also is real good at finding what he calls 'Easter Egg' deals at the Richmond Costco.


Cool (in a weird way) French restaurant that John and Adam visited in Fall 2008.

The Dining Room at The Ritz-Carlton

If you want to live large like John and Adam and have a meal worthy of a Knight, check out the The Dining Room at The Ritz-Carlton in San Francisco!


Dvorak mentioned Orson, a trendy restaurant in San Francisco's SOMA district that a foodie friend recommended to him. Orson's executive chef is Top Chef alum, Elizabeth Faulkner.

Spicer’s Deli

Spicer's was John's famous deli that he would sometimes mention on No Agenda or his TWiT appearances.


Episode #135 - Dvorak wasn't impressed with the cuisine of New Orleans. He visited New Orleans icon, Antoine's.