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Grilled Cheese Trucks – American Melt?


Can’t believe we haven’t posted about this place yet! Halcyon is “Coffeehouse by day, bar & lounge by night”. Located on Austin’s 4th Street, its Adam and Micky’s favorite place to unwind and chat with folks after their Saturday morning trip to the farmers market. Adam especially likes the tasty cocktails there.


During NA 481, Adam discussed the post inaugural dinner discussion that he and Micky had with their beloved "Obamabot" friends at Austin's snazzy Thai restaurant, Sway.


Noodles is a the restaurant mentioned in the now-famous “Noodles” clip, where a millennial guy complains that the restaurant is run like a dictatorship.    

Parallel 37 at the Ritz-Carlton

Adam and Micky are in SF to help out with their favorite charity event. This lead the long awaited reunion with John Dvorak at  the remodeled Ritz-Carlton restaurant, Parallel 37. The first comments were that it’s has an updated decor from the previous Ritz-Carlton Dining Room. With the new restaurant design, The Ritz seems to

RL Restaurant

RL Restaurant is Ralph Lauren's Chicago restaurant. Adam & Micky stopped there for a burger while they were in town for the CUSP Conference.


While Adam and Micky were in Chicago for the CUSP Conference, they reported having a nice breakfast at Yolk.

Cyprus Café

Hot Pockets Tour 2009 rolls on!  The tour is now in the home stretch and Adam was recounting their adventure from Utah to Albuquerque. Before they hit the road, they stopped at Durango’s Cypress Café. Adam reported that he and Micky had an outstanding lunch!

Bay Wolf

During NA 433, John Dvorak was grousing over his anniversary dinner at Oakland's Bay Wolf restaurant. To celebrate, John brought with him some vintage French Lynch-Bages wine that he purchased back in 1989.

Zuni Café

Some San Francisco restaurants are charging you an extra fee lableled "Healthy SF". This money is supposed to be used for the employees health costs with the San Francisco health program.

Tim Horton’s

During donation period of NA 413, a producer from Ontario Canada gave a shout-out from Gitmo Tim Horton's. Dvorak described them as a Canadian burger chain that makes "very good" burgers and they give you lots of condiments to put on your burger.

Chez Panisse

During Adam's exposé of the "non-profit" Common Sense Media, he was listing off the elites in this "drinking club" - one of them was Alice Waters.

Jo’s Coffee

During the donation's segment of NA 373, Adam asked a donater to "meetup at Jo's and have a cup of coffee." Jo's is popular hipster coffee joint in downtown Austin. Every year during SXSW, Jo's becomes a big hub where people meetup and drink coffee.

Fifth Floor

Adam came up to San Francisco for a Mevio board meeting, so this meant it was time to put a meal on the expense account with his No Agenda partner, John C. Dvorak!


It was Dvorak's birthday so he and the family headed to New York City to celebrate! For a special birthday meal they dined at one of John's favorite NYC restaurants, Bouley.


Adam just visited SF, so he went out to dinner with John Dvorak at the Peruvian restaurant Fresca on Fillmore.

Mondrian Hotel

Adam and Micky were recently dining with some guests at Los Angeles' swank, Mondrian Hotel, when they spotted genius, physicist Stephen Hawking also dining with a group of young people.

Peter Luger Steak House

While John and Adam were discussing how they only use cash during NA 56, John mentioned Brooklyn's Peter Luger Steak House as an example of a business that only accepts cash.

Stonehouse Restaurant At San Ysidro Ranch

Adam spent a couple days in the Montecito area of Santa Barbara with Micky and some friends. While visiting, they dined at the extremely expensive Stonehouse Restaurant. Adam tried a Salmon dish which was a little too complicated with many flavors and the butternut squash soup was excellent. Overall the food was great but you

Lark Creek Steak

The boys ate at upscale steak house, Lark Creek Steak. Located inside the Westfield Shopping Center in downtown SF. Owned by reknown Bay Area restauranteur, Bradley Ogden...