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Drugs Inc.

Dvorak brought up a new TV show, Drugs Inc. that features illegal drugs. Dvorak describes it as a quasi documentary/reality show where you can learn about the latest drugs.

The New Normal

Adam asks John, "be sure to watch the New Normal, so you can kill yourself!"

Breaking Bad

Adam just started getting into AMC TV's Breaking Bad. He described devouring the first three seasons from Netflix - sometimes staying up to 3 am watching episodes.

Abby Martin

Abby Martin is newsreader for RT (Russia Today). She's a hottie but, Adam and John believe her Teleprompter reading skills could use some work.


  AMC TV Series Rubicon [NA 408] John C. Dvorak mentioned Rubicon again during NA 430. This was during a ┬ádiscussion on the possibilities of the USS Enterprise being used as the target of a false flag attack in the Straits of Hormuz before it’s decommissioned! During NA 431, a producer was complaining that Rubicon


When Dvorak started to discuss the new Spring TV shows, Adam declared his was Smash because it hits his "gay bone". Dvorak responded that it was the WHAT A PIECE OF CRAP!

The Borgias

Adam has a glowing review of The Borgias, which takes place in 1492 and dramatizes the characters and events surrounding Cardinal Borgia's take over of the papacy.