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Adam and Micky just viewed the Academy screener of Lincoln. It was of great interest to Adam because it was screened at the White House and was directed by Steven Spielberg. Adam then went on to describe being dumbfounded by what he has coined, "cultural creationism".

We Need to Talk About Kevin

In NA 471, Adam played a BBC interview with Lionel Shriver the author of We Need to Talk About Kevin.

God Bless America

Bobcat Goldthwait has produced a new Internet release movie called God Bless America and Adam's excited about it!


When Dvorak started to discuss the new Spring TV shows, Adam declared his was Smash because it hits his "gay bone". Dvorak responded that it was the WHAT A PIECE OF CRAP!


During NA 381, John C. Dvorak asked that Robocop be added to the official No Agenda Movie List. It's been mentioned before but is worth mentioning again!


Featured in Dvorak's Hollywood Insider/Entertainment Tonight segment, was the human head found in the Hollywood hills under the famous Hollywood sign.

Top Movies of No Agenda

Adam and John tried to list a bunch of 'required viewing' videos for fans of the No Agenda show. Some we've covered before, but here they are!