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tech5 – August 24th, 2010

Samsung getting into Android Tablet biz. Dell starts selling Smartphone.

Dvorak Peeves on Hot Pockets®

I wonder if Mevio makes Head Crank John C. Dvorak sit right next to these young, ‘Millenials’. If so, it probably leads to many peeves!

Pothole Ridden Emeryville Exit

A John C. Dvorak Pet Peeve of the Day feature!

Gold Toe Socks [cashmere edition]

Dvorak loves Gold Toe socks and he found this special cashmere version. Unfortunately the cashmere version falls apart quickly.

Dvorak on CNBC – Can Google Be Derailed?

From November 2007! Can Google be derailed? Google was selling at $709 - now it's$472!

Dvorak on CNBC – Kindle

Adam requested we find some of Dvorak's appearances on CNBC. Here is one from last year...

Tarragon Vinegar

A culinary food tip from John C. Dvorak! In No Agenda #8, John Dvorak found a great deal on some white wine vinegar so he buys it up then buys a bunch of tarragon.

NOLA Restaurant – New Orleans

Dvorak mentioned NOLA during episode NA #7. This New Orleans restaurant is owned by famous TV chef, Emeril Lagasse (the annoying BAM guy).

Silicon Valley – North (Albany California)

Albany, California - usually referenced as "Silicon Valley North", is Dvorak's home when he's not up in Port Angeles, WA.

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