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The Amateur

During NA 413's discussion about Obama, drones and the "capture/kill mission" of Osama Bin Laden - Valerie Jarrett came up and the new book about her called Amateur...

It Can’t Happen Here

As Adam was complaining about overweight, waddling TSA agents - Dvorak brought up Sinclair Lewis' book, It Can't Happen Here which describes our current police state.

The Grand Chessboard

Former National Security Advisor, Zbignew Brzezinski's lays out his blueprint for US and global foreign policy in this book. Currently he advises Obama and some of his family is even in the Obama administration.

Moonwalking with Einstein

During NA 285, Adam mentioned he was recently reading, "Moonwalking with Shakespeare". Ironically, the book is about memory and he remembered the title incorrectly!

Cocaine Cowboys

Dvorak mentioned this docudrama in NA #218 while discussing Florida banks that were laundering drug money.

Little Brother

Recommended by Jim Lunsford of the Cory Doctorow has been a guest on TWiT and mentioned on No Agenda.

Magick: Book 4, Liber Aba

Is this where the power behind the power gets ITS power?

Atlas Shrugged

Adam's fave book on No Agenda! - The year 2005 marks Ayn Rand’s Centennial Year. The astounding story of a man that said that he would stop the motor of the world—and did.