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Islam: The Untold Story

Islam: The Untold Story is a documentary from BBC Channel 4 that was cancelled for "security reasons." The film which purports to study the roots of Islam was mentioned by Adam Curry in NA 443.

15 Year Old Tells Establishment to Stick It

During NA #260, Dvorak was impressed with this 15 year old’s speech about the recent UK student riots over the huge tuition hikes.

Iceland – Don’t Do It!

UKIP member, Nigel Farage comments on Iceland’s application to join the EU.

Nigel Farage is BACK!

Nigel seems to have bounced back from his tragic small plane accident. He is back in rare form in front of the EU parliament.

Rock Video Shot Using UK CCTV

Many people are uncomfortable with the march of the surveillance state – but a Manchester band has used it to their advantage.

Cliveden House

Dining here earns the Living Large prize! During the Christmas holiday in 2007, Adam's family dined at London's super expensive, Cliveden House.

Yorkshire Gold Tea

After PG Tips was discussed on No Agenda, the Yorkshire tea company sent some of it's Yorkshire Tea to Adam's UK office and asked that it be the new gold standard!

PG Tips Tea

PG Tips was first mentioned in episode #4 of No Agenda A tasty, black tea from Gitmo East (UK).

Farage Exposes EU Arrogance

Nigel Farage Harangues…

No Agenda favorite Nigel Farage rips on EU King Van Rompuy!