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Zuni Café

Some San Francisco restaurants are charging you an extra fee lableled "Healthy SF". This money is supposed to be used for the employees health costs with the San Francisco health program.

Adam’s Condemned Condo

While discussing the high speed rail fiasco in NA 392, Adam mentioned that his apartment building in San Francisco was leveled for the proposed High Speed Rail transit complex. His condo was condemned under imminent domain along with some historic buildings, restaurants and an art gallery. Currently, it’s a parking lot.

Fifth Floor

Adam came up to San Francisco for a Mevio board meeting, so this meant it was time to put a meal on the expense account with his No Agenda partner, John C. Dvorak!


Adam just visited SF, so he went out to dinner with John Dvorak at the Peruvian restaurant Fresca on Fillmore.

Anchor Humming Ale

During NA 227, Dvorak mentioned his son is a beer geek and discovered this delicious, seasonal beer from Anchor called "Hummer".

SFPark ‘Smart’ Meters

Dvorak has a big peeve with San Francisco's new SFPark smart parking meters.

Lark Creek Steak

The boys ate at upscale steak house, Lark Creek Steak. Located inside the Westfield Shopping Center in downtown SF. Owned by reknown Bay Area restauranteur, Bradley Ogden...


Adam and John's favorite lunch place in SF. It's a couple blocks west of the Mevio offices.


RN74 is a San Francisco restaurant that is owned by chef Michael Mina


Located in San Francisco's Laurel Heights neighborhood. Adam dined here and was impressed even though he thought the portions were a little small.

Tower of Death!

It's officially known as One Rincon Hill and it was mentioned during Episode #3 of No Agenda while it was still under construction.


Cool (in a weird way) French restaurant that John and Adam visited in Fall 2008.

The Dining Room at The Ritz-Carlton

If you want to live large like John and Adam and have a meal worthy of a Knight, check out the The Dining Room at The Ritz-Carlton in San Francisco!


Dvorak mentioned Orson, a trendy restaurant in San Francisco's SOMA district that a foodie friend recommended to him. Orson's executive chef is Top Chef alum, Elizabeth Faulkner.