Movie Archive

Cannibal Holocaust

Cannibal Holocaust is an infamous Italian horror movie. The director was arrested for making snuff film, but it turned out the actors signed a contract to disappear after filming to give the illusion they were actually killed in the movie.

Hit & Run

During NA 438, Adam brought up the movie comedy, Hit & Run. It looks like a dumbo fun movie, but blatantly embedded in the dialog is a promotion for getting vaccinated for HPV.

For Greater Glory

Viva Cristero Rey! Adam brought up Viva Cristero Rey as a new slogan for referencing douchebags in the government. The term comes from the 1920's Cristero War that took place in Mexico. Adam further explained it translated to, "hit'em in the mouth!"


During NA 422 Adam emphatically recommended the documentary Catastroika which is about the sell-off of Greek public assets so they could  pay off their enormous debts.

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Dvorak was tracing back to the beginning of George Clooney's interest in spy intrigue movies and thought it was Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.

Wag The Dog

During NA 282, Adam said he was trying to find this movie on Netflix but it wasn't available! Maybe it was pulled because it is 'too close to home!'

American Gangster

During NA 254, John Dvorak shared how his DVR was busy this week recording a national security wonkfest (Spook Groupies!) from CSPAN.

Best In Show

Dvorak thought Best In Show was hilarious. John has been discussing comics lately and he wanted to point out Fred Williard.

The Last Chase

While discussing Waterworld, Dvorak described a sci-fi film about a guy going across the US in his sports car stealing what little fuel he can find...


Everytime Adam sees the rising cost of oil, it reminds him of Waterworld with it's "go juice". Dvorak thought it was the corniest film of all time.


On a discussion about commercial companies taking over government jobs like prisons, it reminded Dvorak of the 70s movie Rollerball starring James Caan.

Toy Story 3

Adam just checked out the new 3D version of Toy Story 3.

The Fountainhead

A movie based on the Ayn Rand novel. A No Agenda favorite!