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Colorado Meetups! – Hot Pockets 2009

GLENWOOD SPRINGS NA MEET UP Monday, August 5th at 7:00 PM Glenwood Canyon Brewpub:

Hot Pocket 2009 Tour Update

During NA 428 Adam updated tour kickff info. Adam and Micky ended up having to go out and rent a trailer for the tour - so the tour is on!

Ask John and Adam

To create substitute programming for while Adam's is getting hitched in Gitmo LowLands. John is producing a show where No Agenda listeners can submit questions via email and John and Adam will answer in the show.

Hot Pockets 2009?

Adam and Mickey are thinking of hitting the road again. Of course, they’ll need an RV, so if you can loan them one – send’em a note! They’re starting to think of locations to visit in the beautiful US of A, where they can camp out and meet No Agenda listeners. [NA 394]

Hot Pockets Tour 2008

Will the tour come by your house? Vote for your favorite locations at this cool website,

Hot Pockets®

Dvorak was cranky on Hot Pockets during NA 224. He questioned if these things are even safe to eat!

Dvorak Peeves on Hot Pockets®

I wonder if Mevio makes Head Crank John C. Dvorak sit right next to these young, ‘Millenials’. If so, it probably leads to many peeves!

Hot Pockets® Jim Gaffigan

You probably have heard Jim Gaffigan's funny bit on Hot Pockets®. Fresh from the dirty microwave!