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Costco Dumps Palmetto Cheese Amid Controversy

Oh no! Looks like Palmetto cheese got the Noodle Gun and has been cancelled! Costco has removed the from their shelves to support the boycott and to prevent themselves from being boycotted.


While John Dvorak was thinking of ways to improve his Cat Food Mac'n Cheese recipe, he's sure the herb marjoram will come in handy! Dvorak loves marjoram and buys it in 2 pound batches and often uses it as a salad herb.

Aspartame Milk

In NA491 john Dvorak mentioned Huffpo story on how the dairy industry is seeking no labels for artificially sweetened milk! Can you imagine awful aspartame in your milk? [NA491:1:07]

Griller’s Rub

John talked up Griller's Rub after one of the company's employees requested some Good Karma before he went off to pitch Costco to carry their product. Dvorak praised this product as most steak seasonings were "crap".

Ben Cohen’s Shwarma – Amsterdam

Adam used to live in Gitmo Nation Low-lands, better known as Holland. One of his favorite places to get a late night snack is at Ben Cohen's Shwarma.