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Adam was discussing an Al Qaida memo on how to evade US drone attacks in NA 490. Though the US media trivialized some of the silly tips in the memo, Adam said that in reality the top of the list was...

Domestic Drones 101

Global Hawk: Endless Possibilities

Dvorak reported during NA 420, that a show Producer sent him info on Grumman's new comic book entitled Global Hawk: Endless Possiblities. Dvorak says the comic book tells a story about a douchebag looking dad with his kids at an air show.

Call To Duty: Black Ops 2

Super lifelike video game that features a story of unmanned vehicles and robots taking control! This game seems to use Adam’s thesis of a computer virus that makes a drone go haywire!


During NA 381, John C. Dvorak asked that Robocop be added to the official No Agenda Movie List. It's been mentioned before but is worth mentioning again!