Breakstone’s Cottage Cheese

While Adam was discussing a story on how the retail bubble has imploded leading to malls closing,  Dvorak was offered the explanation that Millenials like to buy offbeat, small batch products that cost twice as much ordinary products and not at a mall. Adam offered up that he and Tina eat Breakstone’s Cottage Cheese which “is fantastic!” Adam added that many

Lost UFO Files

Dvorak brought up an awesome ‘alien show’ from one of the cable channels such as the History Channel or the All Hitler Channel (AHC). He said it was good as it debunking bogus points right away and brings out lots of interesting facts from the old UFO research files. I looked up Lost UFO Files and


While discussing setbacks in the investigation of on-going sexual child abuse in the Catholic Church, Dvorak recommended the movie Spotlight which covers this topic. Spotlight portrays the Boston Globe’s investigation into Catholic priests sexual abuse in the Boston area. The film went on to win the Best Picture award at the Academy Awards. Dvorak further added the movie is

The Detour

v Dvorak has watched a new show called The Detour on TBS. At first it reminded him of the Jack Lemmon/Neil Simon play Out-Of-Towners where a guy moves to NY and a bunch of bad things start happening to him. Overall it was thought to be too cringe-worthy to be funny. Dvorak summed it up

Abstract: The Art of Design

Adam is falling asleep in front of the TV again, but recollects seeing part of the documentary, Abstract:The Art of Design on Netflix. Adam mentioned it because he wanted to acknowledge and thank the No Agenda producers for making such outstanding artwork for the show!

The Camp of the Saints

Written in the 1970s, The Camp of the Saints was recommended by a show Producer who thought it was relevant in light of current mass immigration to Europe. Dvorak’s well read son, J.C. (Buzzkill Jr.)  also recommended it. From Amazon, “This book was written in 1973 and made available in an English translation in 1975, but


Catching up on some old show mentions and can’t believe that we forgot to post this one! Corso is an Italian restaurant located near Berkeley’s Gourmet Grotto, that John Dvorak has mentioned several times on the show. He first mentioned it way back in NA 573 (12/12/2013) when he went there for a  wedding dinner

No Agenda Books Are Now Best Sellers!

Adam played were in a fractal by playing a clip that claimed that Amazon was sold out of long time No Agenda favorite, Orwell’s 1984. The connection was that Trump’s administration is leading people to get 1984 along with Sinclair Lewis’, It Can’t Happen Here. Long time No Agenda Book selections are now ‘currently sold

No Agenda Ringtones and Sound Clips

Show Producer, Phoneboy has put together a great collection of soundboard, jingles audio clips from the No Agenda show. They’re in .Mp3 and M4r (iPhone). Now imagine, every time a friend texts you douchebag… gets played! Get them here:    

Designated Survivor

While discussing CNN’s paranoid reporting on the possibility of Trump being assassinated along with other government officials during the inauguration, the TV show Designated Survivor was mentioned. It’s a show on ABC starring Kiefer Sutherland, who portrays a mid-level state department bureaucrat that becomes president after a quirky succession chain. Adam and Dvorak have seen a

Pulled Pork

Dvorak loves making Pulled Pork which is a slow cooked pork that was perfected in the South (Georgia, Florida, Alabama). According to Dvorak, you start with a pork butt (shoulder cut) which is usually not that edible until you slow cook it for 12-14 hours. Adam categorized it as another depression/poverty food! John says he finishes it in the

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Over the Christmas holiday, Dvorak and family went to an early 9am showing of the new Star Wars film, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.  A special treat is that the film is being presented at the historical El Capitan theater which is also owned by Disney. The El Capitan theater has an immersive experience with ‘Star troopers’

Dvorak Meetup in Los Angeles

If you’re in the Los Angeles area on Monday, December 26th, head on down to Citizen – Beverly Hills where  No Agenda co-host John C. Dvorak will be meeting up with show No Agenda producers. John reminded folks that if they wanted to make a donation, the protocol is to put it in an envelope with

Blind Man’s Bluff: The Untold Story Of American Submarine Espionage

In recent news, an American sea drone was recently captured by the Chinese. To help deconstruct this story, Adam mentioned that he was contacted by a show Producer who also happens to be a submariner in the US Navy. Adam passed along that he gave him some insight on the espionage going at sea. This drone was probably one that taps into telecommunication

Leo Laporte Claims John C. Dvorak Threatened Him

Leo just keeps it going and going and going! According to, Leo claims John Dvorak called him and claimed “I have stuff on Leo!” This and more drama is happening over at which follows the travails of Leo Laporte and his TWiT podcasting empire. From the story: After another boring episode of self-loathing and pretending

Lanesplitter Pizza

Adam is trying to dissect the #pizzagate controversy. For the most part it’s bullcrap. Adam’s analysis is that there are no real victims per se, but it’s purpose is to license journalists, bloggers and podcasters. Funnyman, John C. Dvorak thought many pizza places have interesting names that have suggestive codewords like Oakland’s own, Lanesplitter Pizza. This place

Paper Mate InkJoy Pens

Dvorak loves these pens and he’ll compare them to any other pen out there! The Paper Mate InkJoy comes in many colors and is smooth as butter! The topic was revisited again during NA 885, when Adam said he still prefers his Pilot Precise V7 RT’s. John said he favorite pen of all time is

Black Mirror

Adam is raving about the latest season of the fantastic British sci-fi  show, Black Mirror. The show casts a critical eye on social media, our socialization in general and “technologies that will fuck us!” Black Mirror at many times seems like a more modern version Twilight Zone. Gt it at Amazon [872 2:58]


Adam played a funny clip about gender identification from the Showtime TV series Shameless. He wasn’t sure if it was supposed to be funny as it sounded pretty serious. John thought it was in the style of a high comedy. Get DVDs at Amazon. [872 2:40]

John Oliver

Adam wondered where kids are getting their information from so he asked parents and millennials. Found out they’re watching John Oliver clips on YouTube as their ‘bastion of truth”. He wished he realized this sooner but he stopped watching Oliver after hearing his stupid Net Neutrality show which had so many errors from a technical perspective.