Is Netflix Hiding “The Plot Against the President?”

Adam was being texted by everyone, “You got to see this documentary, The Plot Against the President!” This hot new documentary was supposed to be on Netflix, so Adam attempted to find it with his Roku’s voice search. Unfortunately, the Roku had a hard time finding the movie. Frustratingly, he had to go down sixteen spots to find it in the search ‘algo’. Adam then reminded John Dvorak that the, “Roku guy is a super Democratic party promoter liberal etc.” Dvorak surmised that “The woke techs are obviously working against it”.

From Wikipedia:

The Plot Against the President is a 2020 documentary film directed by Amanda Milius based on the book of the same name by veteran journalist Lee Smith.

Adam felt it was a very good documentary, but he wished there was a counter documentary.

The film is also available on Amazon Prime.

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