True Crime Podcast: Melanie McGuire “The Suitcase Killer”

True Crime Grapple Podcast

Eighteen months ago, No Agenda Show producer Sir Jimmy V. from Jersey City, NJ contacted No Agenda to tell them about a true crime podcast created by himself and his girlfriend, in which they interview Melanie McGuire AKA “Suitcase Killer”. Adam thought this story would end up being on Netflix but Dvorak doubted this would happen. Since the deal didn’t occur, Adam blamed Dvorak’s buzzkill cloud killing aspirations of success.

The good news is ABC has decided to cover the story on 20/20 and has asked Jimmy V to shoot some B-roll for the segment. While filming the footage for the segment, Jimmy V. admitting to embedding some subliminal No Agenda easter eggs.

1280: 1:46

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