Bird Box Caused by Cellphones and 5G?

Is the Bird Box a metaphor for the implications of our civilization’s addiction to cell phone use?

Adam wasn’t interested in watching Netflix’s hit movie, Bird Box because he didn’t want to watch a stressful movie with Sandra Bullock and some kids in a row boat. Award winning director Susanne Bier made this beautifully shot, but intense movie that reveals that there’s a worldwide epidemic of suicides.

In a released recording of Alex Jones in a production meeting, he and his team discuss how the sequel could reveal that cell phones can trigger a similar effect. Jones sites a DARPA article from 1999 that discovered the testing of cell phones towers to calm the public. Alex postulates this could occur with 5G!

Adam concluded, “Take a look at this movie if you feel like it with different eyes, the metaphor is kind of there, though not necessarily with 5G but with cellphones. People are killing themselves at a higher rate.” “Not that far off, people are depressed and killing themselves over their cellphones, let’s add a little 5G radiation to take them over the edge!”

Audio from Alex Jones production meeting.


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