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Can famous vintage wines be duplicated?

Dvorak played a clip of a news report about Replica Wine – a company that claims they can copy distinctive wines in the laboratory.

At first Dvorak thought they were onto something, but then realized it was a marketing scam. The wines seemed to duplicate run-of-the mill wines you’d find as house wines in a bar. Not so special.

The report revealed that Replica analyzes so-called famous wines, analyzes them, maps all their chemical properties, then attempts to duplicate them by mixing their grapes to match the analysis.

John Dvorak went on to mention that the reporter put together a panel of neighbors for a blind test and nearly all the neighbors though they weren’t any good at all! So Dvorak summed up that this story was put together to promote some brand and what they’re trying to accomplish can’t be done in a ‘million years’!

Adam respects John’s opinion because he noted John credentials an accomplished wine expert–he’s a collector and paid judge in wine competitions.

[1063: 2:46]

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