HyperNormalisation is the latest documentary from the brilliant Adam Curtis. Many of his past films have been mentioned in No Agenda. Now, the entire 2:15 length documentary is on YouTube.

In HyperNormalisation, Curtis explains the connections that influenced the situations Lybia and Syria as well as filling in a lot of holes in the story. Curtis narrates his story over archive clips from the BBC. Our Inner Goth Boy loves hearing This Mortal Coil along with NIN in the soundtrack!


Dvorak explains he spends lots of time in the BBC archives, ”it’s quite good!”

As reviewed at Konbini.com.

As Curtis explains, everybody’s intertwined in this world in which we’re active participants, feeding back into it like the most bittersweet echo chamber.

Curtis’s beautiful and relaxing voice explains:

“…politicians, financiers and technological utopians, rather than face up to the real complexities of the world, retreated. Instead, they constructed a simpler version of the world, in order to hang on to power.

Full Movie

[928 1:15]

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