No Agenda News Hottie: Helena Humphrey

Helena Humphries - Rear view

You can now add Deutsche Welle’s Helena Humphrey to the pantheon of favorite No Agenda News presenters. During episode 913 Dvorak played a clip and he remarked at the beautiful German Helena with goth style makeup on Deutsche Welle. In one clip he remarked about her butt. After going through the website we figured out he must’ve been describing Helena Humphrey (who’s a Brit by the way) and though she’s a gorgeous brunette doesn’t have a goth look. All this objectifying however has caused blowback and in the next episode of No Agenda (914) It was reported that  Helena Humphrey has tweeted,

“Disgusted by the way you talk about women!”

Enjoy this video

[NA 913]
[NA 914 2:56]


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