The Camp of the Saints

The Camp of the Saints

Written in the 1970s, The Camp of the Saints was recommended by a show Producer who thought it was relevant in light of current mass immigration to Europe.

Dvorak’s well read son, J.C. (Buzzkill Jr.)  also recommended it.

From Amazon, “This book was written in 1973 and made available in an English translation in 1975, but the vision of a Third World invasion of the West as described in the book is even more relevant today as we see in frequent news reports of troubles with migrants in Europe and our own political rhetoric in the United States about immigration issues.”

Review from R.A. Molyneux:
Five stars according to Amazon says “I love it.” No.
This is a classic and not one bit of I love it. There is a reason people are reading it now and talking about it. Those facts are not because they love it. But because fiction is often more truthful in exposing reality than non-fiction.

One of the few Must Reads from the latter part of the 20th century which is still a Must Read.

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