No Agenda Books Are Now Best Sellers!


In the Garden of the Beasts

It Can't Happen Here
Adam played were in a fractal by playing a clip that claimed that Amazon was sold out of long time No Agenda favorite, Orwell’s 1984. The connection was that Trump’s administration is leading people to get 1984 along with Sinclair Lewis’, It Can’t Happen Here. Long time No Agenda Book selections are now ‘currently sold out’ according to Amazon.  These books have been on the No Agenda reading list for over eight years since Adam and John thought they described the times. Dvorak thinks that 1984 being sold out is ‘bullshit!’.  Adam think’s other books will become top sellers like, In the Garden of Beasts. Dvorak  further added that  It Can’t Happen Here is about a socialist government taking power not a fascist one. Talk about Alternative Facts!

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