Leo Laporte Claims John C. Dvorak Threatened Him

Leo Laporte and John C. Dvorak

Leo just keeps it going and going and going!

According to TotalDrama.net, Leo claims John Dvorak called him and claimed “I have stuff on Leo!” This and more drama is happening over at TotalDrama.net which follows the travails of Leo Laporte and his TWiT podcasting empire.

From the story:

After another boring episode of self-loathing and pretending he knows coding on mega hit show that no one heard before aka Striangulation, show guest asked, if they still invite John C. Dvorak over to co-host TWiT.

Instead of being decent human being saying no and leaving it there, fat fuck decided to double down on his insults by insulting John and his co-host Adam Curry from award winning podcast No Agenda Show(now 2x weekly, Thursdays & Sundays).

To make matters worse, Leo made up some bullshit story that John C. Dvorak threatened his family and called Lisa that he will release some mysterious info about Leo. He never said to what end or why would John ever do something like that, if he has nothing to gain.

John Dvorak used to be a frequent guest and helped kickstart the then ground breaking This Week In Tech podcast back in 2005.


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