Pecker (movie) 1998

During Dvorak’s segment, Name that Movie, replayed during the funny clip show (NA 822) John referenced the John Waters film, Pecker. This is actually an entertaining and endearing film – the best of John Waters ‘straight Hollywood’ films IMHO.

From Wikipedia: Set in a Baltimore neighborhood known for having the thickest local accentPecker tells the story of an unassuming 18-year-old who works in a sandwich shop and takes photos of his loving but peculiar family and friends on the side. Pecker, so named for his childhood habit of “pecking” at his food, stumbles into fame when his work is “discovered” by a savvy New York art dealer, Rorey Wheeler. Pecker’s pictures, taken with a cheap Canon Canonet 28, are grainy, out-of-focus studies of unglamorous subjects, but they strike a chord with New York art collectors.



[NA 282 1:22]

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