Fun at the San Francisco Meetup!

No Agenda SF Meetup - No Agenda Human Resources
SF Meetup - Eristavi WinerySF No Agenda Meetup - Eristavi Winery Production Room DSC_6937-1000 No Agenda Meetup - Eristavi Winery No Agenda Meetup - Nikolas - Eristavi Winery

Great times yesterday at the SF meet up hosted by Nikolas of Eristavi Wines! Eristavi is an urban winery based in SF’s mission district. Nikolas shared some delicious wines, featuring various barrel samples. Along with the wine was a variety of delicious and interesting snacks.

The most fun was meeting the producers and fans of the No Agenda podcast. Many had achieved knight or dame (donation) status. I discovered that this is a group to have the most interesting conversations with as they’re all in  deep with the zeitgeist of the show’s language and subjects. A common thread was the ability deconstruct news and information and applying that to remove the filter of today’s news and media.

Leaving the event, the biggest takeaway was that I now know I have some new friends along with a list of new books and podcasts to checkout. If there’s a meetup in your area GO!

Eristavi Winery
1300 Potrero Ave.
San Francisco, CA
(415) 702-7027

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