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Near the end of NA 806, Adam announced he was going to watch Billions on TV tonight with Tina the Keeper. He further added it was “good stuff in there!” John dismissed it as thumb twiddling – who cares – TV CRAP! Dvorak stated it was our job to watch CSPAN and suffer through these debates.

Dvorak revealed that Mimi is watching 11.22.63 (the time travel JFK show) made by some hot shots and Stephen King.

Billions stars Paul Giamatti (my favorite actor!) and is halfway through its first season on Showtime.

[NA 806 3:00]

Adam mentioned Billions again in NA 1043 while discussing Chloe Dykstra’s Medium article that revealed she had an abusive boyfriend, rumored to be Chris Hardwick.

[NA 1043 :38]

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