Sausage Recall

Ernesto's Pork Sausage

Near the end of No Agenda #789, John played a story about a large sausage recall in San Jose, California.

I looked up the story and discovered it was Sunnyvale based, New York Sasuage Company, which is the largest producer of Italian sausage in Northern California.

Problem is, the sausage, Ernesto’s Pork Sausage is fine, it was recalled because of an incomplete label – it didn’t list the sausage contained sheep casings. Consumers were told to throw it out but it’s perfectly fine as long as you don’t have an allergy to sheep products (it’s used in the casings).

Recently, three tons of Ernesto’s Pork sausage from nearby Santa Clara’s┬áNeto’s ┬áSausage was recalled because it bore a federal inspection mark but had not been inspected. Another labeling error leading to a huge waste of good food!


[NA 789]

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