Mitchell Brothers Porn Kings

The Mitchell Brothers - Artie and Jim Mitchell

While discussing Vice reports being staged, John Dvorak brought up the Mitchell Brothers.  Adam didn’t recognize the name so John explained that they were porn kingpins in San Francisco. They made famous porn films (Behind the Green Door) and ran the Mitchell Brothers Theater which is still open to this day. In the 70s through 80s their club was a popular stomping ground for the SF elite like Willie Brown along with characters like Hunter S. Thompson.

Despite the wild party atmosphere of the club, they led normal lives in the suburbs with their families. Infamy struck the family when Artie Mitchell shot Jim Mitchell in a heated argument. In Artie’s murder trial, the prosecution used 3D computer animation as evidence. This was the first use of a 3D (virtual reality) computer animation in a criminal trial. A biopic film was made in the 2000 called Rated X.

Mitchell Brothers O’Farell Theater [Yelp]
895 O’Farrell St.
San Francisco, CA 94109


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