Social Justice Warriors Want to Censor the Internet

Zoe Quinn - Censor Speech reports that Silicon Valley social justice activists, Faruk Ates and Zoe Quinn are calling for internet censorship in the wake of the possibility that Roseburg, Oregon posted a warning on the unregulated 4chan website.  Recently Zoe Quinn has called on website owners to “moderate your f***in platforms before the government steps in.”

During your speech in front of the UN with Anita Sarkeesian, she demanded that the government bodies should “shut down bad actors and bad faith websites”. I’m sure the UN will be happy to be judge which websites are allowed.

To further drive the ban content and websites the TedX talk by the labeled, “World’s Ugliest Woman” Lizzie Velasquez. uses “bullying” as a reason to drive censorship of social media on the Internet.

More coverage and opinions about this issue as it relates to No Agenda and TWiT are appearing here on Reddit.

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