I Love Laundry Tour 2015 Announced!


Adam and his Airstream trailer, sometimes known as the “flying burrito” will be hitting the road soon. Here is a rundown as of his 9/10 announcement during NA 755.

9/18 – Leave Austin and head to Lubbock, Texas – possible Friday evening meetup.

9/20 – Leave Lubbock and head to Santa Fe, New Mexico – prep for Sunday show, then possible meetup after the Sunday show

9/21 – Leave for Colorado Springs, Colorado. Adam is maybe going to Durango and has to pickup Amy the Keeper in Denver

9/22 – Boulder meetup

9/23 – Leave Boulder for Yellowstone

9/24 – Thursday show from Yellowstone at campground that has Verizon LTE service

9/26 – Leave Yellowstone to Salt Lake City, Utah.

9/27 – Sunday show from Salt Lake City and meetup after the show.

9/28 – Leave Salt Lake City and head back to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

9/29 – Leave Albuquerque and head to Lubbock, Texas and hopefully be back in Austin by Wednesday in time for show prep for Thursdays’ show.




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