Leo LaPorte

Looks like Leo has fired John C. Dvorak from TWiT (This Week in Tech) broadcast. Dvorak was removed from TWiT for expressing his opinion on Twitter that the ‘clock-in-the-box’ boy had more to it than originally reported. Dvorak was one of the original TWiT panel (along with Kevin Rose and Patrick Norton) which started in 2005. Leo has previously banned Adam Curry because he even gave a whiff of a theory of the moon landings weren’t real. Seems like you got to ‘be all in’ with the mainstream media and the corptocracy to be on Leo’s shows – someone like Jeff Jarvis, who has a conflict of interest and is a non-stop shill for the privacy monolith, Google.

John Dvorak’s explanation in a email to show listeners.

More details of this story along with coverage of Leo Laportes many issues with other employees and panelists over at TWiT here. Seems like there’s quite a history of drama over at the ol’ Brickhouse.

[update 10/13/15: More info on Leo Laporte’s relationship with John Dvorak and No Agenda is appearing on this Reddit.]

Don’t click on the video below if you’re disturbed by seeing a little bit of penis.

Video source: totaldrama.net

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