I’d Like Teach the World to Sing

During NA 516, Adam started singing,I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing. This song was written in 1971 for a Coca Cola ad. It became a popular hit after Coca Cola used it for its famous “Hilltop” ad which featured a global cast of singers holding bottles of Coke in different languages.

Side note from the editor: While I was in grade school, we had to sing this song for our annual “music program”. Being forced to perform this song in front of our teachers and parents inspired us slaves to hatch a plot! We planned enunciate the line, “furnish it with love” as, “furni-SHIT! with love…” We ended up pulling it off our little variation and some people picked up on it as the majority of the kids went along with our little caper. The music teacher didn’t really seem notice as it sounded like scream singing anyway. Ah, the humble beginnings of a No Agenda producer…

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