Beef Bourguignon


Adam was hosting a dinner party and needed some help from foodie John Dvorak. In a rare off show phone call, John recommended beef bourguignon – a classic french country dish. Adam renamed it Double Dipper Recession Slave Stew.

John’s described the dish as:

Five pounds of chuck steak cut into 1.5″ cubes. This is the cheapest meat you can find. Cheap Cheap Cheap!!

Then you get your cast iron pot and you get hot, fuck’n hot! Put the meat in your super hot pan, it’s going to smoke – don’t touch it –  it’s caramelizing! Open the doors from all the smoke!

Dvorak also recommended an Pinot wine to cook it with but Adam accidentally used the pricier Côtes du Rhone dinner wine in the dish.

Adam had to make an investment and bought a cast iron dutch oven at Bed Bath & Beyond. He ended up getting the Emeril branded pot as the porcelain ones cost upward sof $300!



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