Adam was discussing an Al Qaida memo on how to evade US drone attacks in NA 490. Though the US media trivialized some of the silly tips in the memo, Adam said that in reality the top of the list was, ” It is possible to know the intention and mission of the drone by using the Russian made SkyGrabber device to infiltrate the drones waves and frequencies. The device is available on the market for $2595 $89.95 and should be operated by someone with computer know-how. Adam further elaborated that SkyGrabber video is available online as it’s mostly unencrypted because “the system sucks” so they turn the encryption equipment off and just fly the plane. The memo further reports that the mujahideen have reported success was with the Russian made Recal device to jam the drone’s signal.  Further investigation on SkyGrabber reveals that it is a packet sniffing software and is used more for downloading free porn. You can’t watch live feeds but you can download packets and re-assemble interesting media file formats (mp3, mp4, avi etc.)

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