Mac ‘n Cheese


Episode 491 artwork for No Agenda Mac ‘n Cheese

During NA 490, Adam and John brainstormed that they’d get rich with a Mac’n Cheese food truck since people line up at the American Grill Cheese restaurant across the street from Mevio’s offices. It was brought up again the next episode when they played a clip that explained how Mac’n Cheese is cheaper than fruit. Adam reminded everyone that cat food is even cheaper! It was then discovered that there such a thing as food stamps for cat food. Adam then invented Tuna ala King – a hearty combination of cat food and mac ‘n cheese!

[Update NA 493]
Adam covered how Mac’n Cheese had a spike in web traffic starting in 2008 and how two bloggers were petitioning Kraft to rid artificial food dyes from their line of Macaroni and Cheese products. US versions have Yellow #5 & #6 while the UK versions of Kraft Cheesy Pasta (as it’s known there) don’t have the fake food dyes.

[Update NA500:1:53]
Dvorak promises to publish his Mac’ N Cheese recipe in an upcoming newsletter. Thinks he’ll settle on using Tilamook cheese. Tilamook is a cheddar cheese made in Tilamook, Oregon.

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