Hot Pocket 2009 Tour Update

During NA 428 Adam updated tour kickff info. Adam and Micky ended up having to go out and rent a trailer for the tour –  so the tour is on!

Hot Pockets 2009 Tour

Saturday July 28th:

10AM – Austin Kickoff party  “In The Morning” Late breakfast and sendoff at the Cherrywood Coffeehouse!
RSVP with Mike Molaro <[email protected]>

7:00PM – No Agenda Dallas Slaves Meetup!
Caves in Arlington
Hosted by  Dave Koss:

July 30-31st
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (no meetup planned)
Wichita, Kansas (apparently there was a meetup?!)

Wednesday, August 1 : Looking for a campground Wednesday in the Denver area.

Thursday, August 2: Colorado Springs

Overview – so far the tour looks like it will visit the following places:

  • Austin
  • Dallas
  • Kansas (Topeka, Kansas City)
  • Colorado (Denver , Sun Valley & Dvorak recommends Teton National Park)
  • Oklahoma (Oklahoma City)
  • Montana
  • Idaho (Boise – big meetup planned!)
  • Gitmo Tim Horton’s? (Canada)

[Last updated 8/3/2012]

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