Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

Adam just started getting into AMC TV’s Breaking Bad. He described devouring the first three seasons from Netflix – sometimes staying up to 3 am watching episodes. Watching them one after the other is the best way to watch a show and now he’s hooked but has to buy the fourth season by single episodes. Adam went on to explain the show’s backstory about a brilliant high school chemistry teacher that contracts terminal lung cancer and loses his teaching job. In order to take care of his family and pay for his chemo treatments, he starts cooking meth with a former underachieving student. The series also examines the dark side of the Mexican drug trade.

At No Agenda Entertainment, we too got hooked on this great series last year and revelled in watching episode after another until we were synced up to the last couple of live episodes at the end of season 4.  Season five just started July 15th on AMC.

Highly recommended!

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