Hot Pockets 2009 & Wedding Schedule

[updated Sunday, July 22]

During NA 422 Adam announced the outline of their upcoming Hot Pockets 2009 Tour!

Europe trip/wedding:

  • July 8th – Miss Micky’s Birthday!
  • July 9th – Leaving to Gitmo Low Lands (Netherlands) for wedding
  • July 13th – Party at Supperclub
  • July 16th – Wedding!
  • July 18th -Return from Europe
  • July 19th – No Agenda resumes schedule

Hot Pockets 2009 Tour

Austin Kickoff party  “IN THE MORNING”
Saturday July 28th at 10 AM

Late breakfast and sendoff at the Cherrywood Coffeehouse!

RSVP with Mike Molaro <>


Then Dallas for another meetup in the evening. (details to follow)

So far the tour looks like it will visit the following places:

  • Austin
  • Dallas
  • Kansas
  • Colorado (Dvorak recommends Teton National Park)
  • Oklahoma
  • Montana
  • Idaho (big meetup planned)
  • Gitmo Tim Horton’s? (Canada)

Adam also put out another request for trailer that they can use for the trip. Hopefully it’s around 20′ at least a twin bed and bathroom. Also, it needs to be available from somewhere in the state of Texas.

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